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Company Profile

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Kunshan GongTong Science Technology Co., Ltd.

       Kunshan GongTong Science Technology Co., Ltd. (“GTST”) was established in 2006. Over the past two decades, we have specialized in the field of atmospheric pollution control, establishing an integrated operational management system encompassing R&D, design, sales, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. We proudly provide one-stop, comprehensive butler solutions for VOCs and various types of dust. The company has assembled an experienced and rigorous professional team specializing in R&D, production, and construction and has nurtured a high-quality, innovative talent team. Through deep exploration of the environmental protection industry, GTST has embraced advanced technologies and integrated cutting-edge science, delving deeply into research and development. Over the past two decades of hard work and growth, we have been awarded the General Professional Contracting Qualification for Environmental Engineering and the Special Qualification for Environmental Engineering Design issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, along with 58 patent certificates, including the invention patent for zeolite waste gas treatment systems. Additionally, we have received Explosion-proof Certification for Composite Wet Dust Collectors, CCC Certification for Explosion-proof Electric Control Boxes, and CCC Certification for Explosion-proof Centrifugal Fans. These recognitions establish us as one of the most professional and outstanding suppliers in the industry.

       GTST specializes in undertaking various atmospheric pollution control projects, researching, designing, manufacturing, and constructing various environmental protection equipment and projects. Our main projects and product categories include regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) equipment, concentration rotor + regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) equipment, direct-fired oxidizers for high-concentration waste gas, regenerative catalytic combustion equipment, zeolite molecular sieve + catalytic combustion equipment, resin particle adsorption and desorption + catalytic combustion equipment, active carbon adsorption and desorption + catalytic combustion equipment, rotor adsorption and desorption + catalytic combustion equipment, adsorption and desorption concentration equipment, explosion-proof dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, sinter plate dust collectors, wet dust collectors, and stand-alone dust grinding station.

       We are equipped with highly professional and advanced production equipment, as well as self-contained capabilities for various systems. Our designed and manufactured environmental protection facilities come in a full range of specifications and feature cutting-edge performance. Our products are widely used in various manufacturing industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, painting, coating, automobiles, tobacco, rubber, and new energy.

       As a senior professional enterprise in the industry, GTST has been invited to participate in international exhibitions in the environmental protection sector, partially showcasing the company’s significant contributions to the industry.

       We firmly adhere to the principle of “exemplary skills, superior quality, impeccable service, and unparalleled reputation”. As a result, our business has achieved comprehensive expansion, successfully establishing longstanding and better collaborative relationships with numerous Fortune 500 companies, thereby gaining widespread praise and trust.

       Since its establishment, the company has undertaken over 3,000 projects related to air pollution prevention and control, all of which have maintained stable operations. Our products are sold well worldwide, demonstrating the brilliance of Made-in-China.

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Kunshan Gongtong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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