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Stainless steel centrifugal fan
Stainless steel centrifugal fan

       Kunshan Gongtong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (“GTST”) has been engaged in fan manufacturing for over decades, specializing in the production of a variety of large and medium-sized centrifugal fans, explosion-proof fans, high-pressure fans, high-temperature fans, stainless steel fans, dust removal fans, spray room fans, multi-stage high-static pressure fans, burner blowers, RTO fans, RCO fans, and non-standard customized fans. The specifications of our fans range from GT1.5#, GT2#, GT2.5#, GT3#, GT3.5#, GT4#, GT4.5#, GT5#, GT5.5#, GT6#, GT7#, GT8#, GT9#, GT10#, GT11#, GT12#, GT14#, and GT16#. (The impeller diameters range from 250 mm to 2,200 mm, and the matched motor powers range from 1.1 KW to 450 KW). All products are designed and manufactured using CAD (computer-aided design) software such as Solidworks. Before leaving the factory, each fan is subjected to a thorough operational and performance test to assure its quality and dependability. In 2016, we received a national certificate for gas and dust explosion-proof centrifugal fans. In 2020, we also received the national mandatory product explosion-proof centrifugal fan double explosion-proof (gas and dust explosion-proof) CCC certification.

✧ Attractive Appearance
GTST centrifugal fans closely follow the principles of fluid dynamic design. Our designer team strictly oversees the entire manufacturing process, conducting rigorous quality checks to ensure precision laser cutting, smoothly welded seams, and evenly applied paint coatings. Furthermore, we provide a variety of color options to suit different needs.
✧ Long Lifespan
Our fan motors are sourced from leading domestic brands, while the bearings are imported from renowned brands such as SKF and NSK. The belts are sourced from Mitsuboshi and Gates, enabling continuous and stable operation for 24 hours.
✧ Low Vibration
The vibration value specified in the GB standard is less than 6.3 mm/s, while GTST centrifugal fans achieving even lower values of ≤4.5 mm/s.
✧ Low Noise
Adhering to the principles of fluid mechanics, our fan products feature streamlined designs that minimize noise. To further reduce noise levels in larger fans, we have incorporated noise reduction measures like exhaust mufflers and soundproof covers, reducing noise levels to as low as 75 dB.
✧ High Efficiency
Incorporating the design concept of AMCA, our products exhibit high efficiency and low energy consumption, thereby resulting in lower long-term operational costs.


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